Nancy Kannampuzha

Phil Wickam concert at Pepperdine in 2016
Eating Beignets 2017
NOLA–eating sketchy gumbo

Here is a little background on the type of person I was before we delve into Nancy: I never had real friends at Pepperdine. I was too self-focused to cultivate friendships. I was cold-hearted and walked out on people like it didn’t mean a soul because I was too important to waste time on other people. It stemmed from my own sufferings and hurt growing up, but I’ve allowed myself to become a cold, emotionless person because it was my way of dealing with pain.

Nancy and I met at a really strange time– really a miracle and a gift from God. I was going through way too much for me to even realize what I was going through, and God randomly put me in her apartment as her roommate. God gave me Nancy for a couple of reasons: Nancy has a stronger personality that could override my own stubbornness. Nancy has wisdom and experience in things that I needed to learn. Nancy is willing to be vulnerable in Christ to bring people to Him. Nancy speaks truth and loves Christ with all her heart and soul. If it hadn’t been Nancy, I don’t think I would have been saved.

Truthfully, I didn’t like that Nancy was so bold and opinionated at first. It made me feel uncomfortable because I was more of the world peace kinda gal. A people pleaser– and she was the exact opposite. She spoke her mind and acted on things with aggression and power. As I got to know her, I realized that her personality was also a result of her own pains. When I realized where all that power came from and for the Lord, I admired and respected her. A lot. She guided me in dealing and processing with my own pain. She kept asking me hard questions where I would sob and not even know why. She was my mentor at first, and then became one of the greatest treasures and gifts– a friend.

The greatest thing Nancy has ever taught me is that Christ has the absolute power to make good from something bad. Rather than becoming more cold and distant from my trials, Nancy introduced me to a whole version of Christ that I had no knowledge of. Through Christ, I learned to let my walls down and cultivate friendships and meaningful relationships. Christ used Nancy to open that doorway.

Nancy is an incredible person, and God continuously uses her in my life as a mirror. We go through similar trials at the same time. We get each other because God gave us each other as a gift to cry and laugh together through it all. Nancy is like a soulmate that God has provided me so I won’t feel so lonely at my times of trial and hardship. I can’t wait for all the great things Christ will do with our lives and how it will fold out as time goes!

I love you Nancy. You’re a gem and a gift given to me by Christ. ❤




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