Samantha Lee

Sunlife dates in Malibu

Samantha is a little gem that I’ve met at Pepperdine. I didn’t know she would become such a huge part of my life until after Pepperdine.

One of the biggest thing that Sam has taught me is the idea of love. She’s really good at loving herself and in return, she grants me the greatest love a friend could give.

Deb, I want you to love your life, she told me over the phone when I was going through a really bad spell. Sam is the type of girl who genuinely has a blessed life, knows it, and is grateful for it. Furthermore, she wants the rest of the world to love life as much as she does. It inspires me. When I started seeing life through her lens, I changed. For the first time, I genuinely wanted other people to love and live their lives in freedom and gratitude. It comes with an incredible amount of confidence and audacity to want the best for somebody. It only comes when there is 100% satisfaction in what you have.

Sam is constantly reminding me that it’s okay to be bold and be myself. Deb, it’s fine that that’s who you are. Own it. She embraces her quirks and differences and genuinely enjoys me for the person that I am. She doesn’t want me to change for anybody, unless it is for myself. It helps me to gain the confidence to really be okay with being myself.

When Sam tells me something, it really sticks. Maybe it’s the Lord telling me things through her that it gets so engraved in my heart. All I know is that she is another priceless gift that God has given me, and it feels incredible to be a part of something so amazing like this friendship. I would say our friendship really blossomed after Pepperdine. It’s one of those unexplainable things that God does to get His people together.

Every time I feel worn down, I think of what Sam says to me and ask myself: What could I be doing right now to love myself and my life? How could I love others as I love myself? and when I do the things that make me love my life, life doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Love you, Sam. Thank you for extending your joy and kindness to my life. ❤




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