Denise Domingo

She still skateboards; I’m pretty sure my tailbones are still messed up from this endeavor. ’11

I call this one “Boob.” I don’t know when or why it started, but that’s just what we call each other. We are on our 5th year of friendship, and we really don’t know where all the time has gone.

God has been using Denise to teach me about the idea of grace over and over again since high school.

I could count on Denise 200% of the time. It didn’t matter whether we were colleges away, states away, or even countries away. She has walked with me through most of my life challenges and believed in me through every single one of them. I think she’s the only person that has not only seen the ugly side of me, but really, the illogical and outrageous side of me. She has watched me act out of boundary over and over again. She has gotten hurt through my irresponsible actions and words over and over again, but she is still here. I don’t know why or how. She says something about how she deals with it because it’s me.

In high school, she used to tell me that I needed a boyfriend with the same personality as her. Back then, I scoffed, offended that this random girl would make such a blunt statement. Now, I find truth in that.

Denise has always believed in me when nobody did. She told me I could when I would fail in front of her eyes. She never accepted my reality because she never defined me by anything but the person I was, am, and will be in Christ. With that, she helps me to reach for my goals and my dreams every day. Furthermore, she sticks by my side through my flaws, craziness, and illogical tantrums. It reminds me that this is something Jesus would do for me but on an intricate level every single breathing moment of my life. Denise was right. A person that is chasing the characteristics of Christ, striving to be the best to become as instrument of Christ, and constantly chooses to be a good, uplifting friend? That’s a keeper!

People tell me I am really good at encouraging people. I thought it was my gift from God. In retrospect, I learned this trait through Denise. If Denise hadn’t showed up in my life continuously with her grace and faith, I don’t think I would have the courage to believe in other people or myself.

She feeds me confidence and tells me to just go for it. 

I hold on to that, and I pass it forward to others because I believe everybody should just go for it no matter the outcome. If the outcomes aren’t what you want, learn from it or try again.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I love you Boob.




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