Hannah Samson

19575275_816897065130090_663773878748746994_o.jpgHannah is probably one of the most passionate and gritty person I know. She is always balancing life together– the biting hours of hard work and living life.

Our friendship started off as accepting out differences and respecting each other with full boundaries. As time went, I think we both somehow inched towards the middle. We were the yin and yang that found balance by somewhat meeting in the middle. Hannah always works hard towards her goals and chooses to have the greatest adventure of her life and love her friends and family. I never knew that life was meant to be lived back then. I was stuck on a tunnel vision on myself.

She is another proof how God doesn’t just lead His people astray. He just perfectly crafts the greatest dreams you could ever imagine and constantly molds and pursues you to use you for His kingdom. Faith is such an interesting thing because it brings you so much courage. You know that all will work in Him who loves us, not in our own power. I think this is why logic could be so stippling sometimes. It might make you sound smart with all these statistics, but you can get stuck on such a mundane life so easily.

Hannah is one of those people that doesn’t care about surface-y things. Hannah transcends from that. She knows her value is worth so much more than what a human sees and wants everybody else to know their values too. We had a little photoshoot the other day, and I got pretty insecure. Her encouragement through every click of the camera really helped me to get through it. It made me realize the importance of friends that tell you things with their hearts rather than their words. Hannah never speaks out superficially. Her words fire with passion. I realized I am beyond lucky to have a friend speak to me out of her heart.

Thank you for being in my life. ❤



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