I’ve signed my first apartment lease the other day.

I love that I only have to pay $251 a month for my room. I love my roommate, Jeanne, a Rwandan genius and princess that might have been my twin in another world. She can read me and get me from afar. Everybody needs one of those gifts.

I love having a roof over my head. I love our dream of planting mint seeds, basils, and flowers in our patio. I love our international house with all these different continents: Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe.

Of course there are other doors that open as others close. There are many of those evil pests in different sizes every morning and every night. My friend at Whole Foods, Pembroke, told me that my situation would be a great book title: You know you’re Growing Up when you’re Dealing with Cockroaches. 

There’s a lot of truth to that. I could deal with the creepy men that live in our neighborhood amongst a variety of other things… but learning to deal with giant bugs the size of my hands are a whole ‘nother story. At least I have my friend to kill them with. My game face is ON.


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