Jamming with Mr. Bob Marley

Welcome to my blog 🙂 

My name is Deborah.

I am on a journey to become a medical doctor. I just got a degree in violin performance, but have gotten into a pre-med post-bacc program in New York City to pursue my calling and purpose in pursuing psychiatry.

I became Christian in the March of 2016, where my life was radically changed as my roommate gifted me the gospel at Pepperdine University.

While I grew up in a Christian household, I did not know what it meant to follow Christ until life stripped me of all of my desires and identities. Only then, was I able to see Christ and see myself in His lens. It has been a really long two years of wrestling with this new identity with very tumultuous ups and downs. I have my best friend who continues to encourage and inspire me to write about my journey, so here I am with this blog to write about all the ups and downs. I want to keep record of the little things in the daily grind. I want to live everyday like it is my last.

I’d love to meet new friends through this medium. I recently deleted all of my social media to focus on my studies and learn to maneuver through my new identity in the city. Look forward to meeting you!

Deb. 🙂