Captured in Jamaica by Emma French while trying to play along the Mr. Bob Marley

Deborah Kim

I’m an LA girl figuring out life around the fields of Jackson, Mississippi. You will usually find me with my best friend, William (my violin) and counting my macros as I practice my headstands in random places. I love food and fitness– all things that promote wellness in the mind, body, and spirit.

Currently, I am managing the social media of M Theory Yoga, shadowing research and clinic work in obese pediatric psychology, and am a 5th year senior in violin performance.

Above all, I love the Jesus Christ, our Lord. He saves me every single day from the dumb decisions I make.

This is my personal journey about all things I am passionate about. Mostly, people who touch my soul as I try and figure this thing out, called life. I didn’t really know how much I love company until March of 2016. I used to be a hermit, and now I want to share my love for these people who continuously touch my soul over and over again. I call them the treasures of my life.

Contact me: imdeborahkim@gmail.com