Enjoying People’s Presence

People are gifts. God has created all of us to use each other for the greater Good. Learning this truth is probably something that has changed my life forever. I used to filter through people like an internal blood massacre, picking out all the flaws in everybody in order to only associate myself with those … Continue reading Enjoying People’s Presence



As I sit here in my favorite coffeeshop in Jackson, Mississippi, licking my favorite popsicle... I reminisce of all of the different palates of growth, lessons, and emotions. There were many more days of crying than laughing, but today, I feel blessed to be able to feel. I feel so strongly that I can't ever tell … Continue reading Seasons


I've signed my first apartment lease the other day. I love that I only have to pay $251 a month for my room. I love my roommate, Jeanne, a Rwandan genius and princess that might have been my twin in another world. She can read me and get me from afar. Everybody needs one of … Continue reading Cockroaches