I've signed my first apartment lease the other day. I love that I only have to pay $251 a month for my room. I love my roommate, Jeanne, a Rwandan genius and princess that might have been my twin in another world. She can read me and get me from afar. Everybody needs one of [...]


Hannah Samson

Hannah is probably one of the most passionate and gritty person I know. She is always balancing life together-- the biting hours of hard work and living life. Our friendship started off as accepting out differences and respecting each other with full boundaries. As time went, I think we both somehow inched towards the middle. [...]

Denise Domingo

I call this one "Boob." I don't know when or why it started, but that's just what we call each other. We are on our 5th year of friendship, and we really don't know where all the time has gone. God has been using Denise to teach me about the idea of grace over and [...]

Nancy Kannampuzha

Here is a little background on the type of person I was before we delve into Nancy: I never had real friends at Pepperdine. I was too self-focused to cultivate friendships. I was cold-hearted and walked out on people like it didn't mean a soul because I was too important to waste time on other [...]

Samantha Lee

Samantha is a little gem that I've met at Pepperdine. I didn't know she would become such a huge part of my life until after Pepperdine. One of the biggest thing that Sam has taught me is the idea of love. She's really good at loving herself and in return, she grants me the greatest [...]

Ellen Frautschi

  "It's like Grouchy, but with an F!" Ellen would tell our small group friends, explaining her complicated-looking last name. Ironically, Ellen is the least grouchiest person I know. I met Ellen in February, when I was probably going through one of the darkest times of my life. I was like the earth that got [...]