A New Season

This is a new season, where the Lord is working in me again. I've had my rest. He is working in me again. Always so present, He is working in me again. The freedom that I so dearly desire... He is working in me again. I notice my patterns. The patterns that bring me here … Continue reading A New Season


Man on the Subway

He had a crooked smile, with some teeth missing in between. He offered the seat next to him for a child. The child, scared of his appearances, hid. The man's smile punctured an emotional reaction. His smile, so genuine, with so much history... I silently sent him thoughts of warm regards in my heart. What … Continue reading Man on the Subway


As I sit here in my favorite coffeeshop in Jackson, Mississippi, licking my favorite popsicle... I reminisce of all of the different palates of growth, lessons, and emotions. There were many more days of crying than laughing, but today, I feel blessed to be able to feel. I feel so strongly that I can't ever tell … Continue reading Seasons