My Purpose.

  When God has stripped me of everything that I had known as was, the two desires that persisted was: to play the violin and to help others with my gifts and experiences God has led me through. Here in the city... honestly, I have been doing more than okay. Life has been so good that I've … Continue reading My Purpose.


Plan B.

I drove 27 hours to be where I am today. That's 1,879.4 miles. I did not ever question or look back because I knew God was calling me to do this.  People from California would tell me: Why would you want to go there? You're going to get shot and die because you're yellow. People from Mississippi would … Continue reading Plan B.

I’ve Uprooted my Life.

“I’m transferring schools. I’m moving to Jackson, Mississippi,’ I confidently told my close friends and family. “You’re what?!” They all looked at me like I was crazy. “Yup. I applied to this school. I got accepted... and it’s happening.” I found my identity in Christ March 2016, and I was so sure that this was … Continue reading I’ve Uprooted my Life.